Dog Obedience Training class
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Dog Obedience

Training is an important part of any dog’s life for several reasons, not only does it help you develop a good relationship with your dog, it also gets both you and your dog out of the house for valuable exercise and gives your dog the opportunity to experience the world.


Group dog training classes are one of the best ways to socialise your dog to others, particularly while they are young and developing. This socialisation helps them to learn how to interact with other dogs and people in an appropriate manner and can avoid behavioural problems when they are older.

Positive Reinforcement

Where a dog experiences something that they enjoy, they will make the effort to repeat the behaviour, where the reaction is not enjoyable or what they hope to achieve, they will not want the same outcome and will generally try something different until they get the desired outcome.

For example:

  • Where a dog regularly jumps up to greet people, by repeatedly ignoring the dog and turning your back until all four feet are on the floor, your dog will quickly learn to politely greet people by approaching and sitting for a pat.

Word Association

Developing word association with your dog also helps your ability to communicate with them. This takes time, patience and repetition and is generally best done through making the task as easy as possible for the dog so that they will get it right and are then rewarded for their efforts.

For example:

  • By that your dog must sit and wait patiently until you have put their food bowl on the ground before they are given the command to eat. After only a few attempts, your dog will learn that you will not put the bowl down until they are patiently waiting.